5. Fredbird – St. Louis Cardinals


Fredbird looks like an awful community college mascot for the “Fighting Little Red Riding Hoods.” He definitely could have been designed a little better but at least he’s the only one on this list that resembles their team name in some shape or form.

4. Swinging Friar – San Diego Padres


How did we let this slide?? If the Indians are being forced to change Chief Wahoo, I think the Padres should have to get rid of the Swinging Padre. We’re starting this movement right here, right now.

3. Homer the Brave- Atlanta Braves


Homer looks like the Braves hired intern was given the job to design the Braves new mascot and remembered it was due on Monday the Sunday before the due date. They blatantly just copy and pasted Mr. Met, changed the jersey, and added some eye black. Lets show some originality boys.

2. Southpaw – Chicago White Sox


What in the world is this mascot? He looks like a bum from the streets of Chicago that has developed gangrene of the face. I’m not sure how the color scheme of green and yellow has anything to do with the White Sox as well. Clearly a Kroger brand Philly Phanatic/Slider.

1. D. Baxter – Arizona Diamondbacks


Let’s get this straight… mascots are for the kids. Somebody didn’t tell the marketing department for the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks are the only organization in the MLB that decided to go with a creepy mascot rather than a kid-friendly one. Not to mention the team is named after a type of serpent and the mascot is a bobcat. I understand they’re both found in Arizona but really?